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We are Academic Worldwide - a new platform that allows you to navigate through the world's educational programs including Higher Education degrees, exchange and Double Degree programmes, seminars and international scientific conferences.

Find a suitable program from Home
Our navigation platform will allow you to choose from parameters as country, type of program, duration, university and price.
Find students that already have walked on your chosen path
Academic Worldwide is interested in connecting students with similar experience who can guide those ones, who only plan to start their journey abroad.
Don't get lost
We provide full guidance starting from organisational matters and ending in legal support, language courses.
Let us boost your international experience
Find a program with your phone
Academic Worldwide will allow you to choose the right program with couple of taps on your screen.
Navigation is easy
On Academic Worldwide platform we will provide easy and accessible navigation filters that will guide you to your dream seminar, degree, conference or publication.
Full Support
Academic Worldwide is ready to provide you with full support: mentors, legal consultations, language courses, help with moving abroad and accommodating, consultation with students who already took a similar degree.
Our Website is Almost Ready
Navigate through world and find your best abroad experience with Academic Worldwide
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